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Enhance Livelihood

To help uplift the lives of people and empower them to lead a better life.

Educational Programs

To provide basic education to underprivileged children through scholarship provision.

Health for all

To uplift the health condition of underprivileged people through various camps to improve their livelihood.

Board Members

Dr. Buddhi Man Shrestha
Dr. Pratikchhya Shrestha
Sharmila Shrestha Thapa
Pratik Man Shrestha
Javin Devi Shrestha (Bajrachayra)

How Can You Help?

Help for cause

We have been enhancing the opportunities in different parts of the country with the aspiration of creating a better Nepal. BM Foundation supports material and logistic needs of people during the time of natural and man-made disasters. We focus primarily on saving the lives of people, alleviate pain and maintain human dignity.

General Health Camp
Oral Health Camp
Financial Support
Health Education
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Posted 1 year ago
Donation in Chapakot, Syangja

Posted 2 years ago
Free Eye Checkup at Suntalitar,Syangja

Organized by: BM/TPB Foundation Free checkup was done, inside Syangja valley in our own eye clinic BM/TPB Foundation named after collaboration of Bm Foundation with TPB Foundation.

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About us

B.M. Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established in 2015 with the intent to help uplift the lives of people and empowering them to lead a better life. The focal point of this organization is health and education. We believe in “Empowerment through education” and “Health for all”. We are therefore dedicated to providing basic education to the underprivileged children through scholarship provision and basic health care facilities through various health related programs including health camps, awareness campaigns and training programs. The organization is also planning on activities related to the environment and social sectors. We, at B.M. Foundation

Enhance Livelihood

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Emergency Response

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Health for all

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